by Omer

April 6, 2020

I learned this principle whilst I was travelling and it’s become one of the many things that now guides me in my actions.

It’s something I try to share with youth and mentees as I believe that understanding this will unlock many new folds of reflection within oneself, and I’m a huge fan of reflection and introspection.

I basically want to talk about the deeper gain that exists from having a network of friends and family, and I hope that this very short explanation will bring means for you to look at this concept in a different way, that is unique to you.

So within the realm of wellbeing and looking after yourself is the concept of your social and support network. It’s a core component when we’re evaluating our wellbeing.

And, we usually see this as the benefit we can gain from having the support of our loved ones, our friends and our community. How these components of our lives can keep us walking straight, how they can protect us from ills and errors, and how they can keep us emotionally stable.

But something that we usually overlook, that is immensely beneficial for our wellbeing, is the benefit we gain from giving to our loved ones, our friends and our community. The reward of gaining, from giving. I don’t want to dive too deep into what you’ll gain, other than the next paragraph, but I do hope you’ll think about this a little.

It may sound counter-intuitive, but there is an inherent level of peace that comes with the act of giving back or supporting those that are around us. It’s instrinsic. And when applied to those that are closest to you, there is a higher level of joy, or inner calm if you will, that comes with the act.

Being selfless, is actually an act of selfishness (not in a negative way), in that you are receiving more than you give, when you give. And may I just underline this; you’re receiving way more in return when you give, trust me.

So the benefit of our social network (this includes your family) is two-fold. The benefit from the support we receive and the benefit from the support we give out.

It’s a beautiful thing.

ps: reality is, we definitely do need things from our loved ones, our friends and our community. I don’t wish to downgrade this fact at all by saying we should be doing nothing but giving. I was merely highlighting the beauty of giving. Take care.

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