by Omer

January 6, 2020

As human beings, we all instantly come up with judgements of the things we hear, see or are exposed to. Someone says something and we immediately try to decide if we agree with it or if there is any potential harm that may arise from that person. Judgment; It’s a normal reflex.

If we didn’t have these judgements, or the ability to weigh whether something is good or bad for us, well then we’d be ridiculously naive and fall to prey to any sort of sinister, ulterior-motive, disingenuous approach that comes our way.

But what upsets me the most is the non-existent filter, the lack of brakes and the inability to keep your mouth shut when we see, hear or read something we don’t agree with.

I’m going to put aside the negative effects that spreading (not sharing) your opinion has, not only on the community but also on yourself. (Notice I didn’t say ‘negative opinion’, because none of us thinks we’re negative when we’re sharing our views).

I want to point this towards our own character;

Whatever happened to husn al-dhan (good thoughts, positive thinking or assuming the best) when interacting with someone. That person’s photo or post or comment you’re reading is from, well, a person! A human being. It’s encouraged to have a good opinion of other people, no matter what.

Or the concept of coming up with 70 excuses for someone when they do something you don’t agree with?

Why 70 excuses? Why make up excuses for someone in the first place. It’s not only to protect that person of false accusations but also to protect yourself. Do you know the whole story? Do you know what is going through that person’s heart or mind? Most likely not.

Before we spit out the first thing that comes to our mind, why don’t we take a step back and try to give people the benefit of the doubt? Maybe, just maybe, there is something your 400IQ brain didn’t notice and isn’t aware of, and just for that small percentage (tiny percentage because of how smart and righteous and well versed you are), we can put our emotionally fuelled views aside for a moment.

‘Maybe they thought something, saw something, are going through something or are feeling something that I am unaware of’. This is the brake if you’re wondering how to practically apply it.

Let’s make excuses for people, rather than immediately hate on them.

It is frustrating, but I don’t hate on anyone for doing anything or engaging in these things. I also assume the best for the person who is sharing their views, even if I think their views are negative. I just don’t know what’s going on in that person’s world.

Hate the sin, not the sinner. Islam is a deen of love, of kindness, of softness and of compassion. Hence the ‘I love the Haters’ title 🙂 This post wasn’t about increasing in hate, of the haters, but rather to make us look within ourselves inshaAllah.

As mentioned, we all judge, it’s normal. But if we’re not careful and we share our opinions without thinking multiple times first, what we share could very well be negative without us even noticing it. When you read a comment or a post and it has something negative in it, don’t we normally think that that person is a hater? Let’s try not to be that person.

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