by Omer

February 1, 2019

self defvelopment

There’s so much marketing around us nowadays telling us that we need to improve, self-development is important to become a better you, self-growth, you’re not complete until you ‘grow’ to a point where you’re earning enough money where you don’t need to work. 

Honestly, self-development is massively important. I revolve my life around it. However, I feel like all the messages generally push you towards thinking your life isn’t good at all. Isn’t there anything good going for me? Do I really need a million dollar business just to be happy? Many of the people that are pushing these ideas of self-growth etc are people who are greatly successful in financial terms (just to reiterate, ‘In Financial Terms’), so I feel as if I can’t help but tie their message to ‘unless I have a lot of money, I’m not really achieving self-growth’ and I can’t help but feel like this is a load of crap.
Before I drag this topic on too long, I want to easily clarify what self-development should mean to me and to everyone else.

It’s to look at your own traits, your own qualities, your own relationships and of course your own career and financial status and to work on those things, one step at a time, without (and here’s the kicker), without comparing yourself to other people around you, mainly on social media.

I know it’s hard because as humans we’re always comparing ourselves to others, no matter how mentally strong you think you are. We look up to people, it’s completely natural. But we need to try to differentiate our own goals from the people you see around you or on social. They’re not the same thing. It’s not a race. Slowly, incrementally, step by step, improve yourself and the best way to do that is by not comparing your goals to the goals of others. 

The more you compare yourself to others, you’re actually moving backward, not forward.

So calm down, take a look at yourself and what you feel like you need to improve, such as your manners or your spirituality or your physical health and take a calm step, physically and in your mind, towards improving yourself.

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