by Omer

August 10, 2018

self development
It’s inevitable, there are days you just don’t feel like getting out of bed. You wake up and your energy, your motivation, and your enthusiasm is just not present one morning and you want to close your eyes and let the day pass as quickly as you woke up. It could also be that something happens during the day that totally deflates your vibe, whether its people affecting you or it’s just your mental health. It’s also not impossible to suggest could be as mentally healthy as possible, but this doesn’t mean you can’t feel flat a few days every month or every once in a while.
You can easily hide a day you feel flat. You avoid people as much as possible, you may talk a little less with your co-workers or just wear a hoodie, a hat and huge sunglasses that look like they’re trying to ‘solar panel the sh*t out of the sun’. Personally, I just try to interact with people as little as possible because I don’t want to rub my vibe onto others or hurt anyone’s feelings. Especially if I wake up grumpy, I just need to be quiet and get through the toughest first few hours of my day. However, if this is you everyday, there are ways to feel sharp every morning such as a morning routine.
Moving on, there could be a tonne of reasons as to why you feel flat; current or past issues, lack of exercise, lack of drive, general personality tendency (i.e. introverted) but that’s a different topic. How do we actually walk through life with these ‘lower point of the roller coaster’ days and, I guess to some degree, understand them?
I like to look at days where I wake up feeling flat and demotivated as reminders. The same way we have an innate feeling of guilt if we ever do anything incorrect according to our morals, values, beliefs or our fitrah (innate predisposition), we can see these days of feeling flat as our inner alarm bells going off. Something is wrong in our lives, however, not always.
So when is something wrong and when isn’t it?
Well not to dive into it to too deep, but there are a few obvious areas that you should focus on. I suppose it’s more about asking the question, is there something off balance in my life at the moment. The 4 main area’s I’d look at is sleep, food, exercise, and spirituality;
Sleep – Is my sleeping pattern off or am I getting the optimal amount of sleep? Is there ‘an optimal amount of sleep’ for my body? Am I sleeping early enough or waking up early enough. Sleep is a huge factor of our general well being and I mean absolutely positively ginormous! Look into it, it really is fascinating stuff. Shawn Stevenson has a book called ‘Sleep Smarter’ which I haven’t read yet, but aim to.
Food – Is my diet healthy at the moment? Am I eating a sufficient amount of protein and carbs? Do I eat enough meat? Do I eat too much meat? etc etc. Food is our sustenance!
Exercise – There’s no question that exercise comes with a wealth of benefits for our body and mind, even if you don’t know anything off the top of your head the general consensus is that ‘exercise is good for you’. Well if you’re not exercising, or not enough, you may be feeling a dip in your energy levels. Exercise can go further than providing you with energy as it can also boost your confidence and self-esteem.
Spirituality –  For me, if I miss Fajr (morning prayer), that day is pretty much GG (good game) for me. My mood is all over the place and I just don’t feel content, my inner peace takes a solid hit. You may or may not be religious, or spiritual, however, your soul needs its food and if you don’t feed your soul it can be an indicator that you need to focus on your spirituality. Whether you’re a Muslim or not, the concept of meditating and being grateful is a huge boost in feeding your soul. For me personally, that food is salah (prayer) and reading the Qur’an.
When isn’t it wrong to have off days? Well, I’m no professional so take what I say with a grain of salt, however, my advice is to fully adhere to and believe what I say as I’m a genius. Jokes aside, I believe it’s natural to have days, or even a few days, every month where you feel flat. I really haven’t done any research but I’d if its more than 3-4 days consistently then I’d definitely look at the 4 area’s stated above. I’m naturally an introvert, people don’t assume it to be, but it’s the truth and with that character trait comes the need to recharge every once in a while. It just comes with the territory of being an introvert, talking and dealing with others really does consume my energy, so naturally, I need days to recover.
From another perspective, I think it may be just our body telling us to take a break. I mean if you’re working and getting things done throughout the whole month then there are naturally going to be days where your body or mind is just tired and needs a small break. This is totally natural in my opinion and should be seen as healthy.
So there is it, if you feel like you’re having an off day or two looking into the 4 area’s or, as mentioned, it may just be that your body needs a small break and it’s giving you a sign saying “take the day off hajji”.

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