by Omer

August 8, 2018

self development
As human beings living our day to day lives, going through our everyday struggles and the roller coaster of events, obstacles and joys in life, we are constantly evolving (not Darwinism style). Who I am today is quite different to who I was 10 years ago. I mean I could go back just 1 year and say I’ve changed heaps since then and to be honest, nearly every year since I guess I’ve finished high school education I’ve pretty much evolved. My outlook on life, my goals, my tendencies, my humour, the way I carry my self, the way I communicate and so many other aspects. It’s funny because my opinion on certain topics have even changed and I don’t consider that to be a bad thing.
Does it mean you’re a hypocrite or a two-faced person because you viewed a topic differently this time last year and had a different opinion, or this is a natural process of life? Not at all.
Why does this happen?
Wisdom doesn’t necessarily come with age, but age definitely can help ‘age’ your level of wisdom. As we grow and inevitably ‘live our lives’, our level of knowledge and understanding increases drastically. Through reflection, contemplation and also just the way natural events occur and unfold. You may think you’ve done nothing different in your life last year compared to this year. You may be a mum in your 40’s just going by each day preparing the kids for school, preparing dinner, catching up on your shows and forcing your husband to listen to you at the end of the day (little joke) and this year may seem exactly the same as last.
I honestly beg to differ, your children have grown and most like have tested you in some other way. They want to start going over to a friends house, how does this make you feel?
The shows you watch may be different and have influenced you in a different way.
The things you speak about with your husband may be different.
The food you cook might be different, maybe you put in extra effort to test yourself or find shorter ways of cooking.
Your general outlook on life may be different, maybe you’re more motivated to try something new, it could be that you’re driven to really improving your relationship with your children.
I consider that to be a small expansion of one example, and I probably could have picked a better example but this blog post was written up in quite quickly, but I hope I can get the point across. Every little experience in your life shapes you to be who you are. If new knowledge provides me with a fresh perspective and grants me a new found level of wisdom and understanding and allows me to change my view on an opinion I once had, I’d say I’ve grown, not become a hypocrite.

You need to change and to grow, always, it just doesn’t have to be drastic.

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